How to Bet on Football and Win Consistently

How to Bet on Football and Win Consistently

Placing bets on football can be very disappointing and costly, which has left many bettors wondering how they can bet on football and win consistently.

Although there are stories of gamblers who have won millions from a $1 bet, many bettors know and understand the frustrating feeling of a final minute goal that ruins their accumulator, or a team in the relegation zone beating the defending champions.

Without relenting, some gamblers continue placing the same types of stakes every time hoping that one-day lady luck will be on their side.

Tired of losing your hard-earned money at a sportsbook online? Use the following tips to start winning football bets today.

In-Depth Research

The first thing that every punter ought to do before they start betting on sports, especially football, is to always make sure that they collect as much information as they can regarding the teams playing.

You should study important stats, the team’s news, previous fixtures, and recent form to give you an advantage. This is the information that the oddsmakers use when creating the odds. Such information will be of great help because it will assist you to take an analytical strategy and make the correct prediction on which is the most likely outcome.

For instance, if a team placed second in the league is playing against a weak team that is currently at the bottom of the league in a midweek fixture. The team that is higher up in the fixture will be placed as the favorites, but as a smart bettor, there are some factors that you should consider before you go ahead and place your bet.

While most people rely on a team’s current position in the league to determine who wins, what if the favored team has an important fixture over the weekend?

There is a higher chance that the team might rest their best players when playing against the weaker team as a way to make sure they remain fit for the upcoming challenge. After all, the favorite team might take the midweek match on a lighter note thinking that it is an easy to beat team.

But taking on the so-called weak team that is threatened with relegation can be quite a gamble. What if the team has had six draws in their last 6 matches? Or what if the team has been in the best form and has managed to win in their last 4 matches?

These are some of the important factors that you should consider before you predict the outcome of a fixture. The favorites may indeed look like the biggest deal right now, but what if the underdog pulls a surprise?

Keep A Record

Recording your losses and wins can help you know the money you are losing and can play a major role in changing how you bet.

Use the record to note down the types of bets you may have placed, your profit, the potential return or how much you have lost. Also, you should consider adding some notes that will help you to move forward, like the teams that let you down.

At the end of a certain period, such as a month, fortnight or a week, you ought, to calculate your results and determine the overall loss or profit.

If by the end of the set period you are making huge losses on the bets with the hope of winning big, this may be the time to consider changing the way you stake during your next betting session. Also, you should consider backing the less favorite team in a stake or placing trebles, doubles/single bets that return a small profit.

Remain Analytical

Betting with emotions, betting on impulse and allowing your emotions to take over and place bets solely based on the betting odds is a straight way of losing your hard-earned money.

Impulse betting refers to the situation where a player places bets on the matches that are available, no matter the knowledge they have about the teams involved. This is something that most online bettors do often and one clear thing is that their winning percentage from such behaviors is quite low.

Wagering on your heart refers to supporting your team, regardless of what happens on the pitch, form of the players or the strength of the team they are playing against. Although some bettors have been lucky betting this way when supporting bigger teams, those that support the struggling teams might lose more than they can win.

Betting with emotions doesn’t have a place when wagering online. In most cases, this happens when a losing player starts increasing their bets with the hope that they will win in the next round and recoup their previous loses. From what has happened in such cases, this has resulted in nothing good but misery. Chasing your bets is a very slippery path that can only result in more losses.

Another important thing that you must never do is betting solely based on the odds. While lower odds have without a doubt the best chance of winning, some elements can weaken such a chance.

You should remain analytical and don’t bet on a single match if you haven’t collected enough information.

Small Profits Are Better

Some online sports bettors only look to win life-changing sums of money each week. The players think of placing a few pounds on wagers that can return thousands, the chances of such bets having in returns are very small.

Losing a few dollars each week might not seem like a lot of money, but if you compound this together, it could end up being enormous sums.

This is against what an online bettor should be doing; every punter should aim to make profits regardless of how small they are.

The best thing to do when betting is to avoid losing at all costs and bet based on how much you stand to win if your prediction is correct.

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