Reasons Why Online Gambling Should Be Legalized In the United States

Reasons Why Online Gambling Should Be Legalized In the United States

While millions of Americans love to gamble online, the United States government has a fascinating relationship with regulating gambling. Although it is legal to gamble in Atlantic City, Las Vegas and most of the Indian reservations, the legality of gambling online is still murky in other areas.

Most people who enjoy wagering over blackjack, a game of poker or other casino games, are not in a position to access a casino. On the other hand, there are many people that have a lot of time to unwind in the evening and want to play, but unfortunately, they do not have enough time to travel to a casino.

Gambling on the internet can be a great option for such people. Unfortunately, as mentioned above, the legality of online gambling in some states is still not clear. Back in 2011, the government closed three of the most popular poker sites. While the federal government still works against casino sites in the past, there are legit gambling sites that still accept USA players. The good news is that the federal government has recently allowed states to regulate gambling in their states and as a result, some states such as New Jersey, Nevada, and others have already legalized online gambling with many others working on the legislation aspect. However, you don’t have to wait for gambling to be legalized in your state for you to start playing casino games. You can join any of the casinos we recommend and try out your luck; each of the casinos listed here accepts players from the USA.

Following are some of the reasons why we believe regulating online gambling is the best thing:

People Will Gamble Regardless

Prolonging the time it takes to regulate online gambling doesn’t make any sense because the Americans will gamble anyway.

This does not mean that laws should not be put in place or there are things that should not be banned. It is only that gambling online is not even close to being a prohibitive activity. After all, there are real-life casinos almost in every state.

For example, if we think of gambling as alcohol and reflect back on when the government thought that alcohol was causing corruption, ruined marriages, and disease and thought that banning alcohol would reduce crime. What happened is completely opposite. It was impossible to implement this law because people drank, regardless; in fact, there are many people who died after consuming illicit alcohol.

The same thing happens, people are going to gamble at offshore betting sites and nothing will stop them from accessing the internet and playing their favorite casino games.

All a gambler has to do is make sure that the casino they have joined is safe and licensed. If so, you can join any online casino across the globe that accepts players and start playing real money games.

Gambling Online Generates Lots Of Revenue

With millions of people gambling online and filing taxes for their winnings, this is a booming industry with the potential to generate lots of revenue. Previously, all this revenue has been going to other countries that regulate online casinos, but with the regulation of online gambling in the USA, this revenue will trickle down to the state and can play a major role in fostering development. The revenue generated from online gambling can immensely boost the state economy and the funds can be used in different programs, including improving roads, gambling problem programs, programs for older and senior citizens, community programs and social programs.

A large part of the revenue generated by every state is directed towards these activities. For instance, Texas contributes about 27% of the total revenue generated from the sale of lottery tickets to funding public education.

Just imagine what a state can achieve if they generated hundreds of millions every year in extra revenue from gambling online casinos.

Legalization Of Online Casino Gambling Creates Employment

Another major reason why the legalization of online gambling is the best thing that can happen today is that it has the potential to create employment.

Well, you may be wondering why we should be thinking about creating more jobs when employment rates in the USA are at an all-time high at 96%? What about the remaining 4%? Everyone wants to work and generate some income, but many people do not know-how.

Technically, online casino gambling creates lots of jobs. For instance, there were over 250 new jobs created in the state of New Jersey when the first gambling site was launched. This means there were over 250 people that got empowered and can now pay their bills.

Think of it this way, if for instance a state creates a law that everything related to online gambling in that state should be done within that state, be it, payment processors, servers and everything else. This would be fantastic because there would be more jobs created for people living in the state.

What’s more, there are more jobs created behind the scenes, for instance, when it comes to software development companies, there would be many people working including designers, customer service reps, security specialists and others working on the website.

Also, you can’t forget about the marketing aspect of the casino where there would be more people running paid advisements, creating content and more.

The point we are trying to make is that the regulation of online gambling will create more jobs that will ultimately bring more money into the economy.


Regulating online gambling in the United States is a good thing for everyone involved. While there is no doubt that it will happen in the nearest future, the sooner it happens the better it will be for everyone.

While there are a few reasons we have listed above, we still believe that the biggest reason why online gambling should be legalized is that every person should be given the right to bet from anywhere they want at their own time.

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