What The Future Of Online Gambling Looks Like

What The Future Of Online Gambling Looks Like

Wondering what are the future trends of online gambling? We at joecocker.info have tried our best to find out what the future of online gambling holds for gaming and gambling enthusiasts. While nobody can claim to predict the future perfectly, we have tried to interpret the future of online gambling by evaluating the current trends.

According to the UK Gambling Commission, there are about 152 brick and mortar casinos in the United Kingdom. The overall attendance of the casinos was over 21 million people in the year 2016. But these numbers have been declining ever since. While we can only speculate the reasons for such declines, most of this speculation points towards the direction of new gamblers, especially millennia. The millennials are more likely to find other ways to interact with others more meaningfully and most of them do not want to spend hours in one physical location. With the rapid technological advancements and increasing use of smartphones, the gambling industry has undergone significant transformations. The following are some of the trends that gamblers should watch out for in the future.

Mobile Gaming

With the latest technological advancements and smartphones, online casinos have quickly adapted to the new digital evolution. Considering that smartphones have evolved from being a simple mobile device with computer functions to become more of a computer with the functions of a phone, more online casinos are currently making their content more responsible and compatible with smartphones. Most of them have gone further to develop mobile casino apps. A recent study has shown that there are over 51% online gambling sites that have already optimized their games to make them more accessible via mobile phones.

The use of smartphones and other mobile devices to play real money casino games gives a casino access to data on the experiences and preferences of the gamblers with different casino games depending on the player’s answers and information. The gambling site stores the information acquired and uses it in the process of data analysis to assess the player’s patterns, preferences and optimize their games to improve type players’ gaming experience. This allows the casino to offer their players a much better personal experience by suggesting promotions, bonuses, and games based on the characteristics of the player.

With the increased popularity of mobile gambling, Google has most recently announced its plans to allow punters to bet with realm money by allowing people to download mobile casino apps from Google store.

Live Casino

With many people looking for a real-life gaming experience, live casinos have become quite popular and there is a high likelihood that such trends would continue over the next couple of years. Live casino games have become very popular mainly because of the availability of high-quality games, better features, and amazing reality. Furthermore, the presence of a live dealer creates the same feeling as that of a brick and mortar casino and attracts players from across the globe. One of the most important things that you must-do if you want to experience the thrill of live gaming is ensuring you have a reliable internet connection to stream the live-action.

One possible future trends in live casino gaming are the introduction of a wider game selection. Another great trend that will be availed in the near future is the ‘dual play roulette’ which allows players in real-life casinos to play against other players online. Such casinos are fitted with cameras to allow gamblers to monitor the tables from different angles.

Esports Betting

After the 1st international eSport tournament back in 2011, the sport has become quite popular and most betting sites and online casinos have integrated the sport on their website and allow players to place bets. As of now, there are mobile casino apps that allow players to place bets online and it is expected that in the next 10 years, eSport betting would have been optimized for mobile devices.

Virtual Reality Casino

The recent creation of virtual reality technology and subsequent integration into online casino games has gained immense popularity. The online gambling industry has already started integrating the VR into the casino games to come up with a realistic gaming experience for their players and ultimately make online gambling more interactive.

Once VR has been developed in online casino games, punters will find it easier to join an online casino, place bets and communicate with one another from the comfort of their homes. Furthermore, the new VR technology usually allows players to enjoy the smallest elements of a land-based casino, the player can light a cigar, walk around the casino or a request for a drink from the bar.

Also, it is possible to develop virtual racetracks and bingo halls where gamblers can easily communicate and easily adjust their character’s appearance. Software companies are currently working to develop VR technology since they see the potential of their ability to attract millennials who are highly likely to play casino games this way. While VR technology is extremely expensive right now, there are some online casinos that have already implemented it and it is highly likely to be an incredible trend to watch in the future.

Casino and Cryptocurrency

The invention of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is another important trend to watch out for in the online gambling industry. Cryptocurrencies have started being accepted by online players because they provide more security and autonomy, as the players can buy cryptocurrencies online, and withdrawal and deposit it directly to their casino accounts at very low fees.

Moreover, bitcoins are no longer the only cryptocurrency in use today, other cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Ethereum and Dash are some of the most widely used cryptos with some of them being more suited to the gaming industry than even the bitcoin themselves. Cryptocurrencies have the ability to transform the online casino industry, primarily because they make players independent from the financial institutions whenever they want to gamble. With crypto, you never have to alert the bank of any withdrawals or deposits.

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